Web design

Customised, not off the shelf

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GRAPHIC design

To be (designed) or not to be

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Web Management

eMail, Hosting, Content

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Design, Web And Management


I assume you're looking for a Web design or graphic design service to assist you in creating and designing your Website and/or printed materials. Am I right? If so, I reckon that my SEO-optimised preparation and design of my Website are working pretty well. I'm very pleased with that! And quite frankly, I was counting on that ;0)

I could tell you a lot about the components of my services, such as Websites, Web applications, Webshops, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PHP, content management (CMS), jQuery, GoogleAdwords™, logotyping, graphic design, corporate identity, leaflets, business cards, brochures, hosting, Web space, domain registrations, etc. etc. etc. — But I won't!

Certainly you should know, however, that I master the above mentioned technologies and areas, and therefore I command the expertises not only to  implement your requirements creatively from a graphical and user experience view but also from the techncial perspective. This implies that you don't obtain a Website or Web application off the shelf but a customised product based on your requirements and wishes. And furthermore in a one-stop solution.


Web Design

Custom-made, not off the shell

Web design (user-friendly design) for Websites, single Web pages, Web-based  applications and Webshops. Competent advice, creative proposals and sketches for a modern, tailor-made Web design. If requested also incl. copywritung. Timely processing based on familiar atmosphere with fair price settings.

  • Design von PROWEB
  • Design von PROWEB
  • Design von PROWEB
  • Design von PROWEB
  • Design von PROWEB
  • Design von PROWEB

GraPHiC Design

Logotyping, CI, PrintEd Materials

To be (designed) or not to be (designed) is still the important question. I have the answer(s) to your questions and design requirements. All necessary formats for presentation and communications for start-ups or existing ventures such as  logotype, corporate odentity, business cards, stationary, leaflets, brochures, Webshop etc.

  • Web-Management von PROWEB

Web Management

email, hosting, CMS, SEO...

Web Management contains all the mandatory, technical operations relating to the hosting of a Website or Web-basbased application. You can focus reassured on your core business activities! I undertake management and configuration of your Web-based presentaion layers. Hosting, email, ccontent maintenance and more in a one-stop solution!

LeasING, rentIng OR buying a website

Well, why  not?!

Website mieten


This is the ideal option for temporary Websites supporting, for example, special campaigns such as limited sales drives or job application portfolios.

• low expenses 
• short-term commitment


Website leasen

Leasing A Website

Keep your operating expenses down by paying only small, full tax-detuctible monthly rates (12/24 months) incl. expenses for Domain and Web space.

• low investment costs 
• 100% your ownership


Website kaufen

Buying A Website

No further commitments. Get your desired Website for a fixed price straight in your hands. Hosting, Web space and content maintenance could be arranged.

• no commitments
• 100% your ownweship



Edit your contents directly on the web page in your Browser

The 'In-Browser Direct-Editing' is a piece of cake when it comes to update the contents of your website straight in the browser. This way you have the possibility to edit and update (go live) your contents without having the need to make any use of an extra CMS system. Therefore the desired content spots of your pages will be prepared and activated for your customised direct editing.

Kein Diplom

No special Know-how needed

You don't have to learn to use a big CMS system and forso to get bothered by its ideosyncrasies only because you want to change a bit! Just type it in straight on the web page.

Schnell & einfach

FAST & Easy

The direct editing lets you update the content directly on the web page. Just log-on, open the desired page in your web browser, update the content, save it (go live) and that's what it's all about!

Version speichern

GO LIVE Now or later

Either you publish your changes immediately (just one click and your content is online) or you save your changes in order to enhance the content and/or publish it  at a later time.

cleaning screen


As a result of the smart preparation of the web pages you can choose any content spot of the web page to be editable. This means that the effort to activate direct editing on your website is usually kept within limits demanding manageable costs. We are talking about small one-off costs. No license fees and/or maintenace costs! Watch the video and you'll see!

It's so easy!
  • Direct text editing on the web page
  • Integrate images saved on your Web server
  • Upload images to Web server
  • Set text links andattributes
  • Source edting (HTML)
  • Account-based login
  • Direct publishing (GO LIVE)
  • Save version for later publishing
  • High performance as not database is required

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Hartmut Schwenke
Barckhausenstr. 65 • 21335 Lüneburg
++49 (0)176 4816 6840

  • „I was looking for a competent partner to re-design my homepage and, due to personal references, I ended up with H. Schwenke. Immediately I was convinced by his excellent proposals, his timely processing in private atomsphere and resonable price settings. Conclusion: I'm fully satisfied!”

    Martin Koppermann, Immoenergy

  • „What always fascinates us is the short reaction time of Hartmut Schwenke implementing our requirements. This is not necessarrily common and supports us in critical phases tremendously. With his marked creativity he always delivers highest quality at fair rates. In other words: a real strike of luck for us!”

    Willy Lathus, BONDOR

  • „We seldomly have worked together with someone who is working in such a professional unobtrusive and quick manner constantly weighing in with creative ideas. And what's more he manages besides all that to explain complex issues also to technical non-specialists. Furthermore he is a fine and nice person.”

    Thomas Bierwagen, WINTHOR GmbH

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